We are open!

However we are operating under a new structure, which enables Horses In Mind to respond flexibly to Covid-19 restrictions if/when they occur.

We are operating at a reduced capacity (i.e. shorter pony camp days, fewer session times, non-clinical services only), but with more volunteer involvement and more families engaged in part-lease arrangements. We will continue to work with community groups to ensure a calendar of activities is accessible to vulnerable young people, particularly those at risk of mental health difficulties.

With fewer staff on the ground, our capacity to respond to phone/online enquires and perform administrative tasks is reduced, so please forgive delays in these areas. As always, we remain committed to creating a safe and happy environment at the paddock.

We acknowledge that this is a stressful and uncertain time for all of you. The board has been meeting regularly to assess the impact of Covid-19 and the advice from the Government.

It is important that we act in a socially responsible manner and do everything we can to avoid further risk of infection, especially those in our Horses in Mind community who are vulnerable to illness.

We will continue to operate at reduced capacity until Government has confirmed the Covid-19 health crisis is resolved.

Please look out for yourselves and each other in these difficult times. You have become such a caring and supportive community at Horses in Mind and we hope that you continue to reach out to each other. We are all in this together.

For updates, please check our Horses In Mind Inc. facebook page or if you have any questions, please email info@horsesinmind.org.au

Yours faithfully

Horses in Mind
15 Feb 2021