Horses in Mind is a NFP organisation. It has simply grown out of a need in the community. We are fully self funding. Every dollar earned goes back into the organisation to care for both our horses & small animals & allows us to continue our service.

  • In a time where youth suicide is the highest ever.
  • In a time where young people need to be encouraged to get out doors & be active.
  • In a time where young people would rather chat on their electronic devices instead of socialising face to face.
  • In a time where learning practical skills & problem solving is almost non existent.
  • In a time where kids never see an egg that has just been laid by the hen.
  • In a time that kids often don’t have a pet of their own to love unconditionally.
  • In a time where kids have low muscle tone & core strength as a result of being inactive.
  • In a time where young people have not learned how to be resilient or self motivated.
  • In a time where some kids & young people have no sense of belonging.

It is time for change.

At Horses in Mind all of the things listed above are taken seriously. All of the kids and young people that come regularly to our service experience a a sense of achievement & mastery though working with each other and the animals.

Horses in Mind offers activities for young people living with mental health issues a place to belong in an inclusive, non-judgemental environment.
It is a place where young people dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Autism, ADHD & more can simply chill out with the animals and feel accepted.

We are NOT “Just Another Riding School”.

Horses in Mind is:
Young people building relationships with horses & ponies.

  • Bringing meaningfulness back into activities by working with animals.
    About growing as a person from the inside out.
    Based on peer mentoring- we all teach- we all learn.
    Mindful that everyone is unique and important.
    Aware that everyone learns at their own pace.
    Not about competition or comparing.

About caring & sharing.
Referred to by many of our young people as “Their Happy Place”.